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Teaching Methods

Since the student is the core of the system, the methods adopted by the teachers relate directly to more effective learning, generating a warm and cordial atmosphere, wherein the seeds of learning are gently prodded into flowering.

Obsolete methods have given way to more child-centred ones. The Learning by Doing method is encouraged. Well-equipped laboratories ensure learning by experimentation. Students are encouraged to undertake projects, conduct seminars and deliver presentations as each lesson concludes. Educational programmes are screened in the Audio-Visual room and smart class.


Smart class is a technology based educational tool which enhances the understanding of the learning concepts taught by teachers face to face. Children from KG. to Class XII benefit from the modules presented through the Smart Class. There are three smart classrooms at the primary school, middle school and senior school. The modules cover the entire CBSE syllabus. It makes learning effective as visual learning is easily understood and grasped by the children, improves teacher's effectiveness and productivity, brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life, makes learning an enjoyable experience for students and enables multi-sensory learning in classrooms, improves academic performance of students and enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

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