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Academic Facilities

The school has fully equipped laboratories for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science and Computer Science. Models, slides, charts, video, audio cassettes and CDs and LCD projector, OHP projector internet and smart class are also available for further study.


The teaching faculty is highly competent and fully qualified and experienced. They are resident in the campus and participate in all the activities of the school.

A student counsellor is available to assist and counsel the children.

The staff strive for academic excellence as well as the all round development of a child.

Teachers are constantly trained and their knowledge is upgraded.


The School has excellent library facilities with 20,000 volumes of books on all subjects, ranging from fairy tales, encyclopedias, fiction, science, photography, arts, religion and general knowledge to craft, cookery and flower arrangements. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines on many subjects help children spend many happy hours expanding their knowledge and cultivating good reading habits.

The House System

The students are divided into four houses - Ganga, Jamuna, Godavari, and Cauvery. Each house is placed under a house Master / Mistress who is responsible for the well being and discipline of the members. He / She is assisted by a team of House Tutors in training the children for all the inter-house competitions and activities of the school, which are conducted through the year. The House Captains and the Vice Captains play a vital role in the House activities.

Day Boarding Wing

The School admits a small percentage of students as Day boarders.

All students are expected to participate in all the curricular, the co-curricular and the extra curricular activities of the school, including the annual camps and tours.



Children are housed in dormitories according to their age. There are separate dormitories for little children, girls and boys. Higher Secondary boys are housed in two hostels a little away from the rest of the dormitories.

Health care

The school has an infirmary with a qualified nurse to care for the patients. An experienced visiting Doctor attends on the patients. Good, well equipped hospitals are situated nearby.

All boarders undergo a thorough medical inspection at the commencement of each year. The medical inspection fee and expenditure on any follow-up measures recommended by the Doctor will be levied on the parents.

Kotagiri enjoys a salubrious climate and no disease worth any mention has broken out here. However, to facilitate better care for your child, a medical history of the child should be submitted at the time of admission.


Food is prepared in a hygienic way in a modern, well equipped kitchen. Delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served. Special care is taken to serve a well balanced diet. Both the children and the staff share the same food. The menu is changed periodically to add variety to the food.

School Shop & Canteen

The school shop supplies from uniforms, sweaters, and socks to toiletries; text books and note books to all stationery items to the children.

The canteen is open in the evenings and snacks, soft drinks and hot beverages are provided.

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