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Aim & Objective Of The School

" The central fact in the School is the child. The aim of the School is to enable the individual to develop harmoniously all the elements and powers of his/her nature, to give him opportunity to use and sublimate all his/her instincts, to provide for the free expression of his/her interests and to seek to inculcate an ideal which will have a controlling place in the pupilís life and so harmonize his/her powers and instincts and harness them for the work of pursuing the ideal."

Towards this end, the school provides a full, liberal and comprehensive education. The object is to turn out young men and women with a keen sense of discipline and responsibility, initiative and self- reliance, integrity and loyalty.


∑ To help create a more tolerant egalitarian society by creating in the youth of today a sense of responsibility, love, care and concern.
∑ To make the younger generation channels of blessing, compassionate human beings and pathfinders for the future.
∑ To inculcate in the students who pass through the portals of our School a spirit of adventure, a commitment to their tasks, a thirst for higher goals, that they may leave the world a better place for future generations to enjoy.

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